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This is an opinion editorial by Peter Conley, a product advocate at Vercel.

How does someone start learning about Bitcoin? This is the 21-million-coin question. Learning about Bitcoin can be disorienting. There’s so much content out there, content of all kinds: books, online courses, YouTube videos, podcasts, tweets, Medium articles and everything else you can think of.

Simply starting can be the most intimidating part. Before going down the Bitcoin rabbit hole, I didn’t know what the term “market cap” meant, what the Federal Reserve did, or anything about the history of gold. I have a degree in business administration from the State University of New York that taught me next to nothing about finance. And I couldn’t tell you the difference between a full node and a mining rig, yet I have worked in the tech industry since 2014.

So where did I start? Did I immediately buy “The Bitcoin Standard”? Did I go down the rabbit hole of Michael Saylor’s interviews? Did I pretend to understand what Nick Szabo was saying on Tim Ferriss’ podcast?

I took a more personalized approach to learning about Bitcoin. I focused on specific Bitcoin educators who taught through the lens of subjects I knew (or loosely knew) and would listen to their interviews ad nauseam until I could understand their basic mental models and premises.

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