The Swiss Tradition Is A Perfect Match For Bitcoin


A long tradition of financial discretion makes Switzerland the perfect place to store one’s private keys in a way that will be fully protected.

(Source) The dome of the Swiss Federal Palace with the coats of arms of the cantons.

Fynn Kreuz is the CEO of the Swiss Bitcoin company, Numbrs.


In 1291, three regions of the Holy Roman Empire seceded and swore an oath that founded the Swiss Confederacy. This movement, born out of a longing for freedom and independence, began when the mythical national hero, William Tell, challenged a tyrannical bailiff called Albrecht Gessler.

Over 700 years later, Bitcoin was created to secede from the existing financial and monetary order. In its struggle for freedom and independence, Bitcoin fights traditional finance, dishonest narratives and the regulatory overreach of agencies such as the SEC, run by Gary Gensler. It is said that history does not repeat itself, but often rhymes. In this case, ironically, Gessler and Gensler literally rhyme.

Bitcoin and Switzerland share a fundamental philosophy relating to freedom and independence. We at Numbrs, believe Bitcoin is the world’s best safe-haven store of value and Switzerland will become the logical destination to store one’s precious private keys. Rooted in its long tradition of safety, stability and privacy, Switzerland will transform its financial landscape, as a result of Bitcoin, and we will be at the forefront of this inevitable development.

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