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“Today nothing is more modern than the onslaught against The Political. American financiers, industrial technicians, Marxist socialists unite in demanding that the biased rule of politics over unbiased economic management be done away with. There must no longer be political problems, only organizational-technical and economic-sociological tasks. The kind of economic-technical thinking that prevails today is no longer capable of perceiving a political idea.”

—Carl Schmitt, Political Theology

Politics in today’s world no longer has anything political about it. Politics as we understand it has destroyed the very nature of that which we would call The Political, and replaced it with a popularity contest between two corrupt sides of the same fiat coin. Politics then is nothing more than the changing of colors of the decaying and festering system of abuse and exploitation that we call government. Politics lacks any of the spectacular potentiality or deep empowerment that belongs to The Political which demands of itself to think beyond the meager bounds that politics has attempted to confine within it.

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