Tesla Cars Using Lightning To Charge


To paraphrase the great American philosopher Forrest Gump, “Bitcoin and energy go together like peas and carrots.” Bitcoin’s connection with the energy industry is well known, with valuable ancillary services such as waste-energy monetization and grid stabilization becoming more widely appreciated by the day.

Bitcoin’s connection to energy is now moving beyond the typical mining applications. A Lightning project called Distributed Charge, developed by Andy Schroder and featured in Bitcoin 2022’s exhibition hall, promises to advance Bitcoin integration with the energy sector in an exciting new way.

Schroeder is using Lightning to stream payments for electricity, between a Lightning-enabled node integrated into a Tesla and a Lightning-enabled node integrated into a charging station. With this system individuals can stream sats for electrons in a peer-to-peer energy marketplace.

Distributed Charge is currently using the electric vehicle use case to pilot the idea but one could envision the technology being applied on a much broader scale, helping utilities to more efficiently price and distribute power as well as enabling independent power producers to sell directly to customers in a more mesh-like grid system.

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