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This is an opinion article by Ruda Pellini, co-founder and president of Arthur Mining.

The world is no longer the same — it is constantly changing. And this transformation is happening increasingly faster. In reality, the “new normal” is a constant transformation and the only certainty is change.

The Information Age arrived and with that several concepts had to be updated so as not to be destroyed by the new. Paradigm shifts are taking place all around us and anyone who doesn’t understand this will quickly fall behind.

The changes that bitcoin has already brought and will continue to bring to the world are not just monetary. We are facing a new energy revolution as well. And anyone who doesn’t keep up to date with new trends will be disrupted.

Thinking in this context, I have separated seven trends in the energy market to help you anticipate what is on the horizon and approaching quickly.

1. Renewable Energies Will Be Widely Adopted

The transition to renewable energy has reached a point of no return. As time goes on, this sector will become increasingly efficient. Today, in appropriate places, wind and solar energy are already the cheapest and most efficient ways of generating energy.

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