Invitation To Crypto Capital Hill Rally


We’re inviting you to join us for the Black And Latino Crypto Capitol Hill Rally at the nation’s capitol on April 4.

Blacks and Latinos are leading the nation in the charge towards cryptocurrency adoption. Yet curiously we find ourselves resisting the inertia of becoming hidden figures even within a decentralized world. Washington officials, the blockchain industry, and media outlets still largely overlook the many success stories and contributions coming from communities that have the most to gain and provide to the industry. In order for a globally accessible protocol to realize its fullest potential and have its farthest reach, representatives across the entire spectrum must be decision-makers at the table.

“We need to be seen by Washington and the crypto industry if we are to take our seats at the table as PRODUCERS – not consumers. That means, creating community-based programs and advocating financial inclusion initiatives to make sure our people do not miss out on the economic opportunities that this rapidly accelerating industry promises.” — Cleve Mesidor — Blockchain Association

This realization to maximize Bitcoin’s adoption potential prompted The National Policy Network of Women of Color in Blockchain, Black Bitcoin Billionaires, Blockchain Latinx, Crypto for Black Economic Empowerment, Black People and Cryptocurrency, and Black Blockchain Summit to collaborate together and address our representatives on our stance while the U.S. Senate and House are in session.

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