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This is an opinion editorial by Moustafa Amin, a technology leader with more than 20 years of professional experience across large organizations, service providers and telecom companies.

“Bitcoin Not Blockchain”

If you’re a frequent reader of Bitcoin Magazine or if you’re a Bitcoin enthusiast in general, you might have seen this motto. I came across it numerous times and I agree with it 100%.

Sometimes there could be a minor exception, for instance when the scope is constrained, the context is private and there is no need for tokenization but in most cases, it’s always wise to stick to bitcoin.

Let’s analyze an imaginary case study around IP addresses using a “traffic light” analogy — yellow, red and green.

IP Addresses

I assume that the readers are or at least familiar with how data communications occur across the internet based on the IP protocol (TCP/IP if we want to be technically accurate). The more technological readers may be aware of internet protocol (IP) addresses, like IPv4 and IPv6.

Try to Google “Who controls IP addresses?” You’ll promptly get “IANA: the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.” IANA is the top authority behind IP address allocation and assignment. There are five different regional internet registries (RIR) with jurisdiction under the IANA.

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