How To Protect Client Data From Breaches


Over the last weeks and months, a number of cryptocurrency companies, large and small, have fallen victim to data leaks from marketing service providers. The recent data breach suffered by HubSpot is a notable example.

As a result, the personal information of potentially millions of clients from affected companies was exposed. In some cases, this also included additional details about their accounts.

The impacted clients have now been identified as users of specific services, largely within the cryptocurrency and digital assets space, rendering them vulnerable to phishing attacks, social engineering and other types of attacks.

Ledn was not impacted by any of the recent data leaks, including the recent HubSpot incident.

Anton Livaja is the leader of Ledn’s information security team.

This outcome is a result of going beyond standard security measures and tailoring company practices to our unique industry risks. We value our clients’ data as we do our clients’ assets and do everything we can to protect it.

Like other companies across many industries, Ledn uses HubSpot to manage our blog, emails and landing pages. HubSpot is a powerful tool that, if used correctly, can help businesses communicate with clients in an efficient way. Using automation platforms is a great way to level up your marketing, but it’s important to always keep security top of mind. Luckily there are ways companies can minimize their risk when interacting with platforms like HubSpot.

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