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Privacy matters, it is a fundamental human right, and once you go down the Bitcoin rabbit hole, you realize how important it is to sacrifice a little convenience for better protection of your wealth and identity.

This article will guide you through the best practices and tools to buy BTC anonymously while developing a case for more privacy and security through documentation of emblematic events and the importance of protecting personal data.

To facilitate the path to more anonymity, we’ve structured this article into three distinct sections:

This guide has a shared focus on privacy and security, as the two go hand in hand. If you are a victim of a KYC info hack, you will rely on your security setup to keep your Bitcoin secure.

Although the advice provided in this article is well researched and well founded. We ask that you take the information contained therein as guidance and not as a directive. Nothing that we can write can ever be a substitute to doing your own research.

Section 1: Why does privacy matter?

With the advent of the internet, our privacy has faced profound challenges since our personal information is often at the mercy of malicious actors. It is our duty, and in our interest, to make sure that we take all available steps to protect our data.

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