Hong Kong SFC issues warning over imposter crypto exchange posing as MEXC


The Hong Kong SFC identified eight websites linked to the fraudulent entity posing as the crypto exchange MEXC, all containing the exchange’s name within the domain name.

The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), alongside the local Police force, has issued a warning regarding a fraudulent entity posing as the prominent cryptocurrency exchange MEXC. The imposter is allegedly deceiving potential investors and siphoning funds.

In a recent statement, the Hong Kong SFC emphasized it is collaborating with the Police force in a joint operation as part of its broader efforts to monitor and investigate virtual asset trading providers (VATP) engaging in illicit activities.

The regulator alleged that the fraudulent entity operating under the name ‘MEXC’ is tricking investors into depositing funds into its bank account for supposed investments, only to find difficulties when attempting to withdraw the funds later on.

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