Future Jury Nullification For Bitcoin Users


Jury nullification is one tool that may be needed if antagonistic policies get passed which lead to Bitcoin users being labeled as criminals.

Plaque commemorating an act of jury nullification in the Old Bailey, London.


With everything going on in the world today, it seems likely that state-level attacks on Bitcoiners will continue to increase. Furthermore, as Bitcoin puts pressure on traditional power structures, the authorities will almost certainly extend or enact unconscionable laws to restrict, tax or otherwise frustrate the free flow of bitcoin capital.

Eventually, a Bitcoiner is likely to find themselves on a jury and asked to sit in judgment of another Bitcoiner charged with violating one of these unjust laws. It is my contention that all Bitcoiners need to at least have heard about jury nullification in advance as part of their toolkit to help resist, at the last possible moment, laws and state actions which most Bitcoiners would believe to be unethical.

What Exactly Is Jury Nullification?

Jury nullification is a consequence of a fair and impartial jury system. Put most simply, it is the power of a criminal jury to return a not guilty verdict, even though the prosecution meets the legal burden for a guilty verdict. It often stems from changes in the societal moral compass, for instance, when an act is no longer deemed to be criminal by that day’s standards. It is not, what one might call, an explicit right of a jury, but rather it is a necessary logical consequence of any system that purports to maintain a fair and impartial jury.

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