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This is an opinion editorial by Obi Nwosu, full-time Bitcoin advocate and board member for ₿trust, a not-for profit organization originally conceived by Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z to fund the location, education and remuneration of Bitcoin developers from untapped parts of the world, starting with Africa.

lofoten arctic circle Northern Norway

Lofoten, Arctic Circle, Northern Norway 

Who knew that a plane ride could change the future of Bitcoin?

There I was, on the way back from Lofoten in northern Norway, after an incredible and exhausting few days discussing how the Bitcoin community could support the objectives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), charities and human rights defender groups from around the world, and I was knackered.

Most people on the plane were fast asleep — justly so — but I couldn’t get any rest, such was my excitement reflecting on the last three days. I noticed a few people at the front having a conversation and I decided to join them. Jeff Booth, Lyudmyla Kozlovska, and Leopoldo Lopez were excitedly discussing how Bitcoin could be rolled out in the regions that their human rights defender groups operate in at scale.

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