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This Bitcoin Magazine Pro article is the first in a two-part series on the changing world order, its impacts on the global economy, and the future of central bank monetary policy. To conclude, we will elaborate on how bitcoin might tie into the world which we are transitioning towards.

These ideas piggyback upon the ideas and writings of Zoltan Pozsar and Luke Gromen.

Part One:

The world is at war. While at first this statement may sound hyperbolic, it has become increasingly obvious that the world is in the midst of an economic war that is at the risk of turning “hot.”

Before diving into the complex elements of global geopolitics, let’s first evaluate why as market participants it is even worth our time to analyze. The most important thing to understand as an investor (more broadly a global citizen at large) is that the previous three decades were a total anomaly in the span of global history.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, trade mobilized on a global scale unlike anything ever seen before, as the U.S. played peacemaker patrolling trade routes with their navy. This contributed to what many now refer to as The Great Moderation.

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