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This is an opinion editorial by Renata Rodrigues, global community and education lead at Paxful.

El Salvador made history last year when the country adopted Bitcoin as legal tender. The decision gave legitimacy to what many of us have known for a long time—that Bitcoin is a permissionless technology that was built for the masses. While this milestone was a huge step forward for the country, many knew it couldn’t succeed without education. And with a population of over six million people, tackling this problem would be a huge undertaking. That’s why the efforts of organizations like Bitcoin Beach and Mi Primer Bitcoin have been crucial to adoption in the region, and why Paxful has dedicated so much of our time on the ground — being the first international company to arrive with a Bitcoin education program for the whole country starting a year ago.

Launching La Casa del Bitcoin earlier this year, we had a front row seat to the action. It’s clear that Salvadorans are open to change and eager to learn about how Bitcoin can change their life. Within the country, we’ve educated over 4,000 people and 32 companies and government institutions, and hosted over 350 workshops for both beginner and seasoned Bitcoiners. Here’s what we learned:

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