Despite The Bitcoin Price, Great Things Are Happening


This is an opinion editorial by Adam Taha, a host of a Bitcoin podcast in Arabic and a contributor at Bitcoin Magazine.

The current bear market is on everyone’s minds. Doom and gloom are in every chart and metric. However, there is a lot to be excited about for Bitcoin HODLers and followers. Below is a list of exciting things happening in Bitcoin.

Bipartisan Bitcoin Bill

A bipartisan bill by Republican Senator Cynthia Lummis and Democrat Senator Kristen Gillibrand was introduced and will be voted on next year most likely (by the 118th Congress). This bill has been long-awaited because it would reduce many uncertainties for U.S. investors and corporate treasuries.

Lightning Finance

A few days ago, Bitcoin’s Lightning Network capacity reached an all-time-high capacity of 4,005 bitcoin, which is a 6% increase month-over-month. Soon, the world will get to learn and use Lightning Finance (LiFi) on a larger scale, especially with the launch of stablecoin transfers on Lightning. Sending bitcoin and receiving stablecoins, or sending stablecoins on Lightning and receiving groceries at your doorstep will put bitcoin adoption in high gear. This development is putting the Lightning Network and LiFi in a position to displace Visa and other payment networks in a few years.

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