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This is an opinion editorial by Mickey Koss, a West Point graduate with a degree in economics. He spent four years in the infantry before transitioning to the Finance Corps.

I love listening to Greg Foss on podcasts, especially when I’m gearing up for a heavy dead lift or something like that. His no-nonsense talks about bonds just really gets my blood flowing and my mind focused. But when I send stuff like that to my less finance-minded buddies, they often have trouble understanding what he’s talking about.

Here’s my attempt at some potentially oversimplified math to explain the debt spiral. 

U.S. Federal Debt

As of October 13, 2022, the United States has $31,144,952,729,330.20 worth of outstanding debt. This is updated daily by the Treasury. To make the math a little more simple, let’s just call it $30 trillion. After all, what’s another trillion, give or take?

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