Crypto Analyst Says Prepare For XRP Price Rally If This happens


The possibilities for where the XRP price might end up have been a hot topic for debate recently. Many analysts have given their mostly bullish forecasts as the market progresses. Now, another analyst has jumped in with a bullish prediction for the digital asset.

Crypto Analyst Says Get Ready For XRP Price At $1.31

One crypto analyst who has remained bullish on the XRP price is one that goes by CoinsKid on X (formerly Twitter). The analyst has once again doubled down on his bullish prediction for the digital asset, this time pointing toward an over 100% increase in the price.

The post that was shared on X carried CoinsKid’s analyst, not the XRP price. Marking three important points, the analyst reveals the two important levels on the daily XRP chart. One was the 20 EMA )exponential moving average) while the other was the 200 EMA.

In the chart, the 20 EMA is denominated by a yellow line and the green line represents the 200 EMA. Now, according to CoinsKid, the 20 EMA (yellow line) would need to move above the 200 EMA (green line). Once this happens, the analyst expects the XRP price to rally.

As for a possible price point, the crypto analyst points to the rally leading the digital asset’s price to reach at least $1.31. He expects this to happen for the altcoin “without losing the low from which it came.”

Not The Only Bullish One

Interestingly, CoinsKid is not the only crypto analyst that has posited such a rally for the XRP price. Another analyst known as EGRAG CRYPTO told his over 36,000 followers that the price of the altcoin could also rise as high as $1.41.

In his case, Egrag points to the Fibonacci 0.5 as the level to beat for the altcoin. According to Egrag, if the XRP price were to cross this level at the $0.57 point, then it would be the confirmation needed for the altcoin to go on another rally.

Both analyses from the crypto analysts show a similar outcome for the digital asset. As such, it could be that the indicators are all finally lining up for a rally, and each analyst is seeing the same endpoint despite using different analysis tools.

If both forecasts come to pass, then the XRP price will rise at least 100% from here. This would see the price rally above $1, which has not been reached since 2021.

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