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This is an opinion editorial by Wartime Microchad, a contributor for Bitcoin Magazine.


Since the introduction of Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) 39, Bitcoiners have had the option to memorize the information necessary to recover bitcoin funds stored on-chain by using plain text words. But memorizing — and then reliably recalling at a later date — 12 or 24 unrelated, noncontiguous words isn’t easy, which means that most people create and store physical backups of those words instead of committing them to memory.

While this well-established approach is fine for those who are confident in their physical security setup, it can be a big challenge for others, e.g., people with no fixed abode; those who need to travel or who live in areas of conflict/war zones; or those living in other settings where storage of physical seed phrases may be subject to security, loss, damage or confiscation risks.

Running The Numbers

To put the scale of this problem into some context:

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