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This is an opinion editorial by Phil Snyder, video director and editor and a contributor for Bitcoin Magazine.

Conventional wisdom among Bitcoiners is that bitcoin will one day assume the throne of worldwide value asset supremacy — whether by force as a juggernaut, by default because of universal fiat failure or somehow in-between is yet to be determined. Regardless of how this happens, what does this revolution mean for Bitcoiners? Because of popular generalizations that “Bitcoin fixes this,” and “Fix the money, fix the world,” many of us expect that after the transition to hyperbitcoinization wars will cease, there will be peace and wealth will vastly increase.

The risk of putting too much stock in any over-pollyannaish outlook is that it doesn’t consider the innate corruption of human beings. The entire race is born self-centered and only through spiritual regeneration can we hope for a change in the status quo. In other words, the only way the world will genuinely improve is when the hearts of the people in the world change. If you presume that great wealth changes peoples’ hearts for the better, well, good luck with that when you lose your life savings on the next shitcoin rugpull.

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