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This is an opinion editorial by Moustafa Amin, a technology leader with more than 20 years of professional experience across large organizations, service providers and telephone companies.

Bitcoin is undoubtedly the world’s newest form of money. Governed by no central authority and controlled by no one, it represents the financial rescue that the world is looking for. In my opinion, Bitcoin freedom can be extended to escape eavesdroppers that work relentlessly day and night to intercept, monitor or even control our online activities.

Traditional VPN

Today, if two endpoints want to talk privately to each other, they typically need to do so via a trusted, third-party intermediary. As an example, consider what happens if any two endpoints want to set up a virtual private network (VPN) tunnel between themselves to carry on a private conversation over the public internet. They need to first be able to find out about each other. This is the discovery part.

If the two endpoints can somehow find each other, they may still not be able to directly communicate — for example, if they have private IP addresses or are hidden behind broadband routers or gateways. This is the data communication part.

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