Bitcoin Mining Can Prevent Climate Change


Daniel Batten is a climate tech investor, author, analyst and environmental campaigner who previously founded and led his own tech company.

2022 has changed everything that we in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) sector thought we knew about Bitcoin. We thought it was a net negative for the environment. We could not have been more wrong.

It turns out that Bitcoin mining has the potential to avoid an astonishing 0.15°C of global warming.

This is true because Bitcoin is the only technology that’s available, practical and scalable when it comes to tackling the world’s most deadly greenhouse gas of 2022: methane.

More on how Bitcoin helps later. But first, I say methane — not carbon dioxide — is our most deadly greenhouse gas because the U.N. Environment Programme (UNEP) has just come out and said “Cutting methane is the strongest lever we have to slow climate change over the next 25 years.” This is true because when methane escapes into the air unburnt it is 30 times more warming than carbon dioxide over a 100-year period. Last year, a NASA satellite survey of 1200 flares told us that there’s a lot more of it leaking into our atmosphere than we thought, 2.5 times more in some cases.

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