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Nashville, TN. — Bitcoin Magazine has unveiled the Bitcoin Magazine Art Gallery (BMAG), a display space and storefront featuring a jail cell exhibit dedicated to Bitcoin pioneer Ross Ulbricht, who faces a double life sentence plus 40 years for his role in founding the darknet marketplace Silk Road. The location will serve as an outlet for Bitcoin-related clothing, hardware and the print edition of Bitcoin Magazine, while the art gallery will feature exclusive visuals from the leading creatives in the Bitcoin space as well as new artists to showcase their work.

The exhibit dedicated to Ulbricht is a recreation of his prison cell at Tucson State Penitentiary. The 10-foot-by-6-foot space, which is the exact same size as the room shared by Ulbricht and another prisoner, features iron bars and a sink and toilet combination found within American prisons. The exhibit displays writings and paintings from Ulbricht, as well as scannable information sets about Ulbricht’s story, sentencing and the ongoing mission to secure his freedom. A mounted television displays a video animation of drawings done by Ulbricht in prison.

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