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This is an opinion editorial by Pierre Corbin, the producer and director of “The Great Reset And The Rise of Bitcoin” documentary.

Bitcoin’s properties make it the perfect asset to gain one’s sovereignty. But this is not only true for individuals. This is as important a topic for nation-states as it is for a nation’s citizens. At an individual level, the privacy attributes of bitcoin, the fact that it cannot be censored, and the protection it can provide against a devaluing currency are often considered the most important aspects. For some economies today, particularly the ones that have been victims for decades or centuries of some form of colonialism, bitcoin could represent hope for a new uncontrolled industry that is also directly profitable at home.

The case of the U.S. expansion in Central America is an interesting one, which started less than half a century after they gained their independence. In 1813, the Spanish American wars of independence were underway. Following the French invasion of Spain in 1808, the Spanish Empire’s weakness was the opportunity for Latin American countries to fight back and gain their independence. The United States observed, from a distance, but with increasing interest. This also represented an opportunity for other European nations, particularly France and England, that could see the potential for their reach in the region to increase.

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