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This is an opinion editorial by Andrea Bianconi, a research assistant at the Idaho Freedom Foundation, which is a public policy think tank.

An analysis of the fundamentals, recent geopolitical and macroeconomic events and their impact on Bitcoin’s future.


In the last few months, financial markets have lost over 30% from their highs as the Federal Reserve Board took away the punchbowl from the intoxicated market players by hiking interest rates, and now recession (stagflation) seemingly looms.

The yen and the euro are inflating like developing countries’ currencies.

Inflation and commodities explode higher.

The spark for WWIII has been lit in Ukraine — unbeknownst to the ignorant and brainwashed masses who think that this is just a local conflict and that “peace” can be reached in spite of Western nations selling unlimited quantities of weapons into the war and pouring billions of “freshly printed” U.S. dollars and euro debt into the conflict, adding fuel to the fire.

Then we have the suicidal sanctions, which are destroying the economies of the Western sanctioning countries rather than the sanctioned Russia.

After all, it is clear to anyone with a functioning brain that 10 years of sanctions have made Russia totally decoupled and immune from Western economical warfare.

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