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This is an opinion editorial by Heidi Porter, an entrepreneur with 35 years in technology, Ben, a Gen Z Bitcoin evangelist and Xa Ya Za Za, a business owner, artist and node whisperer. 

Have you heard the exciting news? There’s a new Bitcoin beach in the world! It’s also the furthest North of any Bitcoin beach enclave, located on 130 acres of private property in central Michigan.

Bitcoin Beach North at Lake Satoshi sits at latitude 42.9272437. Both Bitcoin Beach North and Lake Satoshi are discoverable on Google Maps.

This Bitcoin Beach will even freeze over in the winter, and turns into a hotspot for ice fishing!

The first annual Bitcoin Beach BBQ was held on Saturday August 20, 2022. Somewhere around 70-85 Bitcoiners and pre-coiners came from all around the hand (mitten) of Michigan to camp out, hang out, eat and talk and learn about Bitcoin.

It was beyond fantastic to just hang out with sand and sun and some hard seltzer — in real life — with Bitcoiners. The conversation flowed easily. No phones and texting, just lots of vast and varied Bitcoin topics and talking.

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