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Bitcoin, like all tools, can be used for good or bad and thus its ultimate impact is a mirror for humanity. Bitcoin 2022 was a celebration of all the good that Bitcoin promises from promoting financial inclusion to freeing human potential through sound money free from political corruption. This celebration enjoyed another year of exponential growth. In 2019, the same conference hosted just 2,000 Bitcoin enthusiasts. The Bitcoin 2021 conference filled its venue in the Wynwood district of Miami, Florida, with over 12,000 attendees. For the 2022 Bitcoin conference, more than 25,000 attendees flocked to the sprawling Miami Beach Convention Center.

It is not just libertarian and anti-authoritarian individuals who see Bitcoin’s potential but large institutions as well. Michael Moro from Genesis Global Trading noted that the first institutions investing were “a guy in a basement with an LLC,” and later, “Silicon Valley venture capitalists and their family offices.” In 2021, blue-chip Wall Street companies including BlackRock, Morgan Stanley, and JPMorgan Chase all made major steps toward Bitcoin adoption. Nathan McCauley at Anchorage Digital noted that there is now increasing interest in Bitcoin coming from sovereign wealth funds. A panel discussion also noted that those in the $12 trillion-dollar wealth management business now realize they must offer their customers “something” in the cryptocurrency space. Thus, the question institutions are asking is no longer why they should adopt Bitcoin but how they can do it.

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