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This is an opinion editorial by Robert Hall, a content creator and small business owner.

President Biden on Wednesday announced a student loan relief package designed to lower the debt of millions of Americans across the country. Current and former students with student loans are poised to have $10,000-$20,000 in debt wiped out, depending on the loan type.

It is estimated that 43 million Americans will receive some benefit from this new plan. This may be a good thing because people struggling to pay their student loans were likely never going to pay them back in the first place. Is this a good policy? It depends on who you ask. If you ask a Democrat, they might say Biden’s plan doesn’t do enough to help low- and middle-income Americans.

If you ask a Republican, they are likely to say this policy isn’t fair to those who worked hard to pay off their debt. Both sides have a point, and no one would have been happy with whatever he announced. What might the typical Bitcoin Maximalist think about this policy?

I don’t speak for every Bitcoiner out there, I can only speak for myself, but fundamentally it doesn’t matter what the federal government does because it is functionally bankrupt. They know it, we know it, but the rest of society either doesn’t know it or doesn’t want to accept the reality that we are in, so they play along with the charade.

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