38 High School Students In El Salvador Earned A Bitcoin Diploma


  • NGO My First Bitcoin, in partnership with IBEX Mercado, just announced 38 high school students graduated with Bitcoin diplomas in El Salvador.
  • Bitcoin education is taught through a vocational program in public schools where it serves as a practical skills-based degree necessary for graduation.
  • Yesterday, the companies announced a second school had adopted the Bitcoin diploma.

On June 25, in partnership with bitcoin-only company IBEX Mercado, a non-governmental organization (NGO) by the name of My First Bitcoin announced 38 high school students had graduated with Bitcoin diplomas through a new vocational program in El Salvador. Bitcoin Magazine subsequently reached out for an interview to discuss the success and future of this program.

Complejo Educativo Ignacio Pacheco Castro, or La Pacheco, is a public school that has served its community for 75 years. Recently, the school decided it would best serve its students by offering vocational education and degrees in a program called Bachillerato Vocacional.

Rodrigo Ayala, who is a member of the El Salvador Legislative Assembly and staunch supporter of La Pacheco, introduced IBEX to the school this past February with the intention of bringing bitcoin education to this vocational program. Soon after, IBEX partnered with My First Bitcoin – who developed the curriculum – while IBEX provided financial support for the program. On April 23, My First Bitcoin began teaching the first class of students.

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